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MEDIA RELEASE – Better Legal Aid for Albury

22 Feb 2016

Legal Aid NSW will be opening a new satellite office in Albury to provide legal services to local residents.

This move will improve existing services and allow Legal Aid NSW to provide more services to clients in and around Albury.

Legal Aid NSW is also working with Victoria Legal Aid, the Hume Riverina Community Legal Centre and other existing service providers to ensure the new services address cross-border issues and meet the greatest legal needs.

The Chief Executive of Legal Aid NSW, Bill Grant, said there had been a growing demand for legal help in the area in recent years. “We have noticed an increase in the need especially for family law services, and having a dedicated local lawyer who can appear in family law and child protection matters will be a great help.”

“Legal Aid NSW is very keen to work with local organisations, the courts and private practitioners to enhance the services provided in the area.”

Locations for free legal advice clinics in and around Albury will be announced once staff have been recruited and the new office is up and running.

The new Legal Aid satellite office will have dedicated, local lawyers who can help with most legal problems – from family law matters like child custody or access, to criminal law and everyday problems such as faulty goods, dodgy contracts or loans, and issues with housing or employment.

Legal Aid NSW provides free legal advice for everyone on many common problems and research has shown that when people get early legal help, this can prevent problems from escalating and benefit them and their communities.

The office will operate as a satellite office from the existing Legal Aid office in Wagga Wagga and is expected to open in the first half of this year.

Media Contact:
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