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41 - 50 of 1,971 search results for wills in italian where 35 match all words and 1,936 match some words.

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  • Publications: Who will decide for you if you can't decide for…


    This brochure explains how you can plan ahead for the situation where you may no longer be able to make decisions for yourself due to illness, injury or age. Available in:.

  • Law for Community Sector Workers Wills and planning ahead - Legal Aid …


    16 Mar 2017: This workshop covers:. Wills. Power of Attorney. Enduring guardianship. Elder financial abuse. ... Explain the function of a will. Describe Power of Attorney. Describe Enduring guardianship.

  • Legal advice - Legal Aid NSW


    9 Mar 2017: If this happens we will refer you to another legal service for help. ... We will arrange a free interpreter. What do I need to do before seeing a lawyer?

  • Publications: Kids in Care: Community Services want to talk about my…


    Available in:.

  • Legal Issues for Older People What is a will? ... PDF (196k)


    24 Nov 2016: do this yourself you will need to make an enduring power of attorney. ... For more information on NSWTAG fees see www.tag.nsw.gov.au/fees-and-charges-wills.html. How long will my will last?

  • Languages - Legal Aid NSW


    9 Mar 2017: Search. Search. Languages. How Legal Aid NSW can help you. This information is also available in English and Auslan. Note, some of the HTML languages below require certain computer fonts to be installed. If you have any trouble viewing the pages,

  • Who gets my stuff when I die - Legal Aid NSW


    9 Mar 2017: Wills aren’t just for rich people. You don’t need a lot of money or property to make a will. ... LawAccess NSW. Gives free telephone information about wills and can refer you to a private solicitor who can do a will for you.

  • For lawyers - Legal Aid NSW


    1 Jun 2017: You will find information here about policies and guidelines, submitting applications for legal aid, courses and conferences as well as many general legal resources. ... Our news items will keep you up to date with events at Legal Aid NSW,

  • News - Legal Aid NSW


    1 Jun 2017: The Legal Aid NSW Board has approved changes to the Contributions Guideline which means the initial contribution will be automatically waived in Local Court summary crime matters where the applicant for ... Anyone who needs legal advice relating to a

  • 15.5. Exceptions to policy that no legal practitioner fees will be…


    9 May 2017: Search. Search. Policies. 15.5. Exceptions to policy that no legal practitioner fees will be paid. ... 15.5.1 Special arrangements between CLC and Legal Aid NSW. An exception to the policy in relation to paying legal practitioner's fees will exist if

41 - 50 of 1,971 search results for wills in italian where 35 match all words and 1,936 match some words.


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