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International Legal Aid Group Conference 22-24 June 2021

Conference booklets

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Conference recordings and presentations

Tuesday 22 June

Opening ceremony

Welcome remarks and introduction

Session one: national reports

Live recording: Opening ceremony, welcome and Session one

Mark Speakman, Attorney General of NSW
Brendan Thomas, CEO, Legal Aid NSW

Professor Alan Paterson – Chair, International Legal Aid Group (live)

Overall summary: Avrom Sherr (live)

Session two: Approaches to legal aid in NSW

Live recording: Session two

Jane Cipants: Staying client-centred during COVID and climate disasters (live recording)

Merinda Dutton: Civil Law Service for Aboriginal Communities – Responding to the legal needs of Aboriginal communities

Meredith Gray: Domestic Violence Unit response to COVID-19: innovations, challenges and client experiences

Wednesday 23 June

Session three: Technology and access

Live recording: Session three

Roger Smith and Rebecca Sandefur: Technology and Access to Justice: One issue; two viewpoints; many questions

Anzelika Baneviciene: Digital exclusion: The Influence of lockdown to legal aid provision in Lithuania

Gabrielle Canny: Can AI help resolve family law disputes? Computer says Yes

Session four A: Improving access to justice for young persons

Live recording: Session four A

Agne Limante: Legal aid for children in conflict with the law in Europe: towards child-friendly legal aid?

John McDaid: A model family dispute resolution centre: Improving how the voice of the child is heard

John Boersig: A Legal Liaison Project for Young Persons

Session four B: New horizons for criminal access to justice

Live recording: Session four B

Anika Holterhof: “Holistic approaches to ensure equal access to legal aid in criminal justice systems”

Andre Castro: Collective litigation in the Criminal Justice System of Brazil

Ashok Kumar Jain & Sunil Chauhan: Strategies for legal aid at early stages of criminal justice in India: the framework and implementation challenges during pandemic

Thursday 24 June

Session five: Holistic provision: The way of the future?

Live recording: Session five

Toshihiko Mizushima: Staff Attorney and Legal Social Work

Suzie Forell: From the outside looking in: learning about the value of legal help through health justice partnership

Megan Longley and David McKillop: Canadian examples of Holistic Initiatives focused on racialized minorities

Steven Gibens: The development of an Integrated-Rights Practice in the Flemish field of socio-juridical services to tackle non-take-up of rights: A Holistic approach to Access to Justice

Hazel Genn: Health and Justice initiatives in England and Wales (live)

Session six A: Quality

Live recording: Session six A

Alan Paterson: Peer Review and Revalidation on a Global Stage

Amrita Paul & Madhurima Dhanuka: Towards improving mechanisms that enable provisioning of quality legal services across India

Susanne Peters: Operationalising a high quality legal aid system in the Netherlands

Sofia Libedinsky & Marco Venegas: Virtual Assistant for Preliminary Hearings in Chile

Session six B: What will access to justice look like after COVID-19?

Live recording: Session six B

Jeff Giddings, Jennifer Lindstrom and Jacqueline Weinberg: Risk, Reward and Technology – Responding Effectively to COVID-19

Claire Carlton-Hanciles: Delivering quality legal aid in remote communities with limited access to the justice system in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic

Marijke ter Voert: The impact of the corona crisis on the judiciary and vulnerable litigants in the Netherlands

Richard Susskind: Has Covid accelerated or decelerated technological transformation? (live)
Closure Professor Alan Paterson  – Chair, International Legal Aid Group (live)