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Grants Tracker puts information at clients’ fingertips

12 Aug 2019

Clients can track their applications for grants of legal aid using a new online tool.

The Legal Aid NSW Grants Tracker allows clients to track the status of their applications for legal aid, from application to decision.

The aim is to improve our clients’ experience of the grant application process and reduce client stress and uncertainty. More than 200 clients signed up to use the Tracker in its first two weeks alone.

As a lawyer, you can help your clients take advantage of the Grants Tracker:

  • Inform your client about the Grants Tracker and let them know they can receive updates about the status of their application
  • Talk to your client about whether it would be appropriate for them to receive SMS messages from Legal Aid NSW
  • Secure and record your client’s consent to receive SMS messages about their application for legal aid when you complete an online application form by ticking the box on the Grants Tracker Opt In page.

For more information on how the Grants Tracker works and how to record client consent in Grants Online, please view this short video. If you have questions or suggestions relating to the Grants Tracker, please email GrantsTracker@legalaid.nsw.gov.au