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Hospital Fees Class Action Notice

3 Jul 2019

If you’ve provided a guarantee for the public hospital charges of a patient who was ineligible for Medicare benefits you should read this notice carefully.

If you have signed a document in a Hospital in New South Wales on or after 4 March 2011, guaranteeing the payment of medical fees for a patient who is not eligible for Medicare benefits, then you are a class/group member of proceedings in the Supreme Court of NSW (Fernandez v State of NSW 2018/00263134).

The Plaintiffs in the proceedings claim that guarantees signed by class members were invalid, and that class members are entitled to a refund of any monies paid by them.

You will be bound by the Court’s decision in these proceedings unless you take steps to Opt-out by completing an Opt-out Notice.

More information about a copy of the Opt-out notice is available in this PDF.