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Legal issues for older people calendar - now available

15 Jan 2021

Legal Aid NSW is publishing a free A4 wall calendar on legal topics relevant to older people.

Legal Aid NSW has introduced this new publication as an accessible alternative to the popular Legal issues for older people diary. We invite older people and community organisations to pre-order the calendar, however there will be a focus on distributing this resource to older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and older people living in regional areas of NSW.

Be quick - demand is expected to far exceed the planned production of 20,000 calendars. As such, Legal Aid NSW CEO Brendan Thomas explains the focus of distribution on certain priority groups:

“We would especially encourage orders from nursing homes and community organisations focusing on the needs of older Australians.

“We especially welcome interest from Aboriginal people and others from vulnerable or disadvantaged communities, who form the core of our client base.”
The calendar has been made possible by a $25,000 grant from the Law Society of NSW.

President of the Law Society of NSW, Richard Harvey, said the calendar is a practical and effective way to provide legal information relevant to older people in the community.

“The legal issues facing older people are diverse and often quite complex ” Mr Harvey said. 

“Unfortunately many older people are often not aware of their legal rights or how to address them, let alone how to access services, like legal aid, that are available to assist them. 

“We need to break down the barriers that prevent older people from seeking legal assistance and access to justice. 

“This calendar provides important legal information relevant to older people in a format that is both accessible and easy to understand and the Law Society is happy to support this initiative.” 

The 2021 calendar will highlight issues commonly faced by older people within the community . Most importantly, the calendar will provide referral details to relevant legal and non-legal services and include a community directory listing national and NSW based services that can assist older people with their concerns. 

The calendar will be distributed through selected libraries and Legal Aid NSW offices. 

Orders can also be made on the Legal Aid NSW Publication website: https://www.legalaid.nsw.gov.au/publications/order-a-publication  

Media Contact: William Verity (02) 9219 5669 or 0436 610 649