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Public hospital service charge class action

31 May 2021

You should read this notice if you have previously been informed that you may be a class member in court proceedings entitled Fernandez v State of NSW 2018/00263134 (the Class Action proceedings).

The Class Action proceedings were brought on behalf of all persons who guaranteed the payment of fees for persons who were patients in Public Hospitals in New South Wales, where those patients were ineligible for Medicare benefits.
The Class Action proceedings will no longer be continuing as a class action.
As a result, from 5 July 2021, you will no longer be a class member of the Class Action proceedings and will no longer be bound by anything done in the proceedings. Nothing that has happened in the Class Action proceedings precludes you from bringing your own proceedings in respect of the guarantee you provided or monies you paid under that guarantee if you so wish and/or are so advised. If you wish to bring your own proceedings, it is recommended that you seek legal advice immediately, including with respect to any limitation period that may affect your entitlement to claim.
If you would like advice about this notice you should contact the free advice and referral service available at LawAccess NSW on 1300 888 529.