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Increasing our revenue

Legal Aid NSW is facing a difficult time due to budget cuts. In addition to savings measures, revenue obtained through client contributions will play a significant role in our ability to maintain existing programs and services. There will be an increasing focus on the collection of contributions over the coming months as new initiatives to improve our communication, processes and policies are rolled out. These new initiatives will assist Legal Aid NSW to recoup, where appropriate, the costs and expenses in providing legal assistance in order to maximise the amount of legal aid available to the community. Legal Aid News will keep you informed about these developments throughout 2013.

How you can help us maintain our services
Panel lawyers are reminded that costs orders should be sought in appropriate cases in legally aided matters.

Costs orders are an important source of revenue which assist Legal Aid NSW in maintaining client services.

In criminal law matters, costs should be sought where clients are acquitted of charges unreasonably brought, or where administrative issues result in adjournments or abandonment of trials.

In some situations, Legal Aid NSW fee scales allow for additional fees to be paid where favourable costs orders are obtained.

The Grants Division's Costs Solicitor is available to assist lawyers with advice and procedural information about costs recoveries, and to coordinate collection of costs awarded to legally aided clients. A helpful cost recoveries checklist has been prepared by the Grants Costs Solicitor.

Enquiries about costs recoveries can be directed to the Grants Costs Solicitor, Mike Snape on (02) 9219 5009 or michael.snape@legalaid.nsw.gov.au.