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Fee increase in Commonwealth Legal Aid matters

Fees paid to private lawyers in Commonwealth Legal Aid matters have been increased from the base hourly rate of $130 to $140 in family, crime and veterans’ matters and in civil from the base hourly rate of $125 to $140, with an equivalent percentage increase to fees already above the base rate but excluding fees already at parity with State fees.

The principal aim is to lessen the discrepancy between Legal Aid NSW Commonwealth and State fee scales.

Multiple fee rates

After the fee increase, lawyers may see two rows against one work item on the Grants Online claim screen.  One row will apply to work done before the fee increase and the other row to work done after the fee increase.

Lawyers should pro rate their claims against the two rows, depending on when the work was done.  

For further assistance, lawyers should contact the Legal Aid NSW Service Desk on (02) 9219 5999.

The fee increase came into effect on Wednesday, 4 April 2012.