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Seminar on new legal privilege

A new legal privilege
Safeguarding the private records of sexual assault victims
Legal Aid NSW Invites you to a free MCLE seminar -
A new legal privilege: Safeguarding the private records of sexual assault victims
4.15pm - 6.15pm
Tuesday 20 November 2012
Penrith Legal Aid office
95 Henry Street, Penrith (enter via Woodriff Street)
A victim of sexual assault can use the Sexual Assault Communications Privilege to prevent counselling notes and other therapeutic records from being used in criminal proceedings.
The privilege is very broad and provides strong protection over any records that contain confidential information about the victim, including the notes of counsellors, social workers, health practitioners, and other case workers.
His Honour Judge Sides recently requested a local Law Society to issue the attached Notice to Profession, expressing his concern that lawyers were issuing subpoenae without first applying for the Court's leave, in circumstances where the privilege may apply. A subpoena issued in this situation runs the risk of being set aside by the Court.
This seminar will explain how the privilege works and the assistance that Legal Aid can offer in providing information, advice and representation to your clients.
Presented by Rosemarie Lambert
Senior Solicitor
Sexual Assault Communications
Privilege Service, Legal Aid NSW

This workshop attracts 2 MCLE points.
Register now: https://learning.legalaid.nsw.gov.au