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Seminar on the right to silence

Legal aid NSW invites you to a free MCLE seminar - The Right to Silence.

4 pm - 5pm
Wednesday 28 November 2012
Guwing Room, Learning Centre, Legal Aid NSW
Level 12, 323 Castlereagh Street
Presented by Michelle Fernando, sessional lecturer in Evidence law at the University of NSW, Jake Harris, a solicitor who used to work in the Legal Aid NSW Coronial Unit and Brian Sandland, Director Criminal Law, Legal Aid NSW. Michelle will speak about the potential changes to evidence presented to the court as a result of the bill. Brian will speak about the options for legal representation at police stations. Jake will share his experience of working as a barrister with a similar law in the UK.
This seminar will focus on:

  • Changes to the Evidence Act
  • How that will affect our advice to clients at first instance
  • How it will affect the course of a trial
  • Options available and/or desired for representation at first instance

This workshop attracts 1 MCLE point.
Register now https://learning.legalaid.nsw.gov.au

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