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Diversity Action Plan 2013 - 2014

Diversity Action Plan 2013 - 2014 pdfpdf (1.25MB)

Objective 1. Promoting access to justice through early intervention and prevention and better targeting of legal assistance to disadvantaged people


  • Review the Legal Aid NSW policy for 'Communicating with people who are Deaf, hearing and speech impaired'
  • Train staff on how to work effectively with the National Relay Service
  • Develop maps of SEIFA disadvantage for Legal Aid NSW offices highlighting locations with the highest rates of socio-economic disadvantage to assist in more targeted planning for services
  • Implement text-to-speech software on the Legal Aid NSW website to assist people with vision impairment or literacy issues
  • Develop a new video resource for clients in Auslan
  • Review Legal Aid NSW website for accessibility
  • Audit brochures on family law for appropriate coverage of languages especially for emerging communities
  • Deliver community legal education on legal issues for older people and young people
  • Deliver community legal education on legal issues clients and community workers in rural and regional areas

Objective 2. To pursue excellence, innovation and efficiency in legal service delivery


  • Review the 'Policy and Guidelines on the use of Interpreters and Translators'
  • Develop tip sheet to assist staff and private practitioners using the Translating and Interpreting Service
  • Launch new resources to assist staff working with clients from new and emerging communities
  • Include a session on working with children from diverse backgrounds in the training for child representatives
  • Develop best practice guidelines for family dispute resolution involving Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and culturally, linguistically and religiously diverse clients
  • Conduct training in grants procedures for private practitioners which includes information about obtaining grants for clients with exceptional circumstances due to disability
  • Examine the feasibility of developing a consistent way to structure appropriate fees for servicing clients who require an interpreter or who have an intellectual disability or cognitive impairment

Objective 3. To support and develop our people and improve our systems to meet organisational goals


  • Review the 'Disclosing Disability in the Workplace' policy
  • Evaluate staff participation in the PACE mentoring program for jobseekers with disability
  • Develop guidelines for placement of people with disability in work training arrangements
  • Celebrate and support the diversity of our staff through targeted events
  • Publish a floor plan on the intranet with information about facilities on each floor of Sydney Central Office to improve accessibility
  • Develop resources providing information about the accessibility features available in Windows 7
  • Include consideration of accessibility issues in project planning and change control procedures
  • Implement the NSW Carers (Recognition) Act 2010 within Legal Aid NSW
  • Develop a new statement for use in job advertisements that is inclusive of cultural diversity, people with disability and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Objective 4. To build strong, effective service partnerships to respond to the legal and non legal needs of our clients


  • Publish success stories in Verbals about cases run for diverse Legal Aid NSW clients by private practitioners
  • Conduct training to develop the skills of community workers to better assist clients completing applications for legal aid
  • Participate in a pilot medicolegal partnership aimed at enhancing the access of older clients with mental health issues to legal information and advice services
  • Develop and deliver a series of legal literacy workshops for women prisoners in partnership with Corrective Services NSW and Community Legal Centres