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Diversity Action Plan 2014 - 2015

Diversity Action Plan 2014 - 2015 pdfpdf (329KB)

Diversity Action Plan 2014 - 2015 Accessible Version WordWord (32.3KB)

Objective 1. Promote access to justice through early intervention and better targeting of legal assistance to disadvantaged people


  • Develop a new Aboriginal Reconciliation Action Plan 2015-2017
  • Deliver community legal education sessions to community workers and clients on topics relevant to migrants, people from culturally diverse backgrounds, people with disability, women experiencing domestic violence and people in rural communities
  • Deliver expanded civil law outreach services in migrant resource centres and develop a service delivery strategy to improve immigration law outreach services to disadvantaged migrant communities
  • Review Legal Aid NSW publications and select publications for translation into community languages and publishing in easy English
  • Develop webinar sessions about Legal Aid NSW for people in remote areas, promote new family law resources to young people and their carers, develop a video on family law in Auslan, and create a resource page on the website in Auslan

Objective 2. Pursue excellence, innovation and efficiency in legal service delivery


  • Develop procedures on reasonable adjustment requirements for delivery of community legal education
  • Develop an integrated domestic violence policy directory on the Legal Aid NSW website
  • Review civil law outreach services to ensure services are targeted to the most disadvantaged communities
  • Translate the Code of Behaviour Security Card into ten community languages
  • Investigate an alternate online option for people with restricted access to inhouse and private lawyers, to apply for a grant of aid

Objective 3. Support and develop our people and improve our systems to meet organisational goals


  • Develop a new Aboriginal Employment and Career Development Strategy for 2015-2017
  • Develop equity principles for Finance processes and procedures and for website development
  • Redesign the Legal Aid NSW intranet page on equity and diversity
  • Review and update the Reasonable Adjustment Policy
  • Update the Client Service Strategy Security section for disability inclusiveness, and amend the incident report form to include psychological disability
  • Implement face-to-face and online learning for staff, private lawyers and community partners covering: disability awareness, cultural competency, lesbian, gay, transgender and intersex matters, mental health, areas of law, and qualifying for legal aid
  • Deliver training on employment discrimination at the Civil Law Conference, conduct outreach training for lawyers at the Outreach Network Forum, and train staff to improve information and education to clients with low literacy and numeracy capability
  • Conduct a survey of staff with disability and analyse the results to improve the well-being of those staff
  • Develop good practice examples that demonstrate the new "Value Diversity" Capability for selected roles in Legal Aid NSW

Objective 4. Build strong, effective service partnerships to respond to the legal and non legal needs of our clients


  • Participate in programs to support people with disability, including the PACE mentoring program and the Deaf Jurors project
  • Collaborate with government agencies and community partners to deliver training on: Work and Development Orders for prisoners, legal literacy for women prisoners, sexual assault communication privilege, cultural awareness for Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Services workers, the National Relay Service, and cultural awareness on emerging communities
  • Trial an allocation system at the Sydney Family Court Registry for independent Children’s Lawyers that best meets the needs of children and young people
  • Review and update service agreements with Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Services and Community Legal Centre programs to include equity principles, participation in disability awareness training, and introduction of targets for people with disability, from culturally diverse backgrounds and from rural and remote areas
  • Produce legal factsheets for women workers of Asian background in collaboration with a metropolitan Community Legal Centre