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Fact file

Key facts for Legal Aid NSW from 2018-2019 include:

Services to clients

Total Client representations Total duty services

Total other services

Total services: 714,849

Our staff

Staff locations Staff profile

Aboriginal staffGender distribution

Total staff: 1,326

Our finances

Expenditure by program

Our total income was $349.3 million and we spent $374.5 million.

See the Financial overview for details about where our funding comes from and how we spend it. Details about our community partnership program funding can be found in Appendix 4 and Appendix 5.

Practice area highlights

  • In-house lawyers acted in 30.8% of the matters in which we provided representation
  • The Work and Development Order Scheme supported vulnerable people clear $43 million in unpaid fines
  • We increased the number of community legal education sessions we provide by 39.2% on the previous year
  • We achieved a successful settlement rate of 78.6% in family dispute resolution conferences
  • We delivered training to more than 1,100 lawyers around NSW ahead of major criminal justice reforms
  • We increased our duty services to victims of domestic and family violence by 13%

See our Annual Report for more information.