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Legal Aid NSW is funded by the Commonwealth and New South Wales Governments and the Public Purpose Fund (established under the Legal Profession Act 2004). We also receive some income from interest and client contributions.

Services to clients

Pie chart for legal representation: Total 37,131,  Inhouse 11,837, Private lawyers 25,294Pie chart for Total duty services: Total 196,004, Inhouse 125,239, Private lawyers 70,765Pie chart for Total other services: Total 676,217, Information services 528,798, Legal advice 104,547, Minor assistance 42,872

Total = 909,352 services

Our staff

Pie chart for Staff locations: Regional offices 554, Central Sydney office 562Pie chart for Staff distribution: Lawyers 586, Administrative and corporate services 530

79 Legal Aid NSW inhouse lawyers have Law Society of NSW specialist accreditation for expertise in their field.

41.2% of our case and duty services were provided by private lawyers. (See Appendix 6.)

See Managing our organisation and Appendix 6 for further details about our staff profile.

Total = 1,116 employees

Our finances

Our total income was $273.2 million and we spent $283.4 million.

Pie chart for Total expenditure: Criminal law services 45.8%, Family law services 28.2%, Civil law services 14.0%, Community partnerships 12.0%

See our Annual Report for more information.