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Strategic Plan 2018-23 plan on a page

Legal Aid NSW 2018-2023 Plan pdf document pdf 36KB

Our vision

To be a leader in a legal system that delivers fair outcomes for disadvantaged and vulnerable people

Our purpose

We use the law to help people, particularly those who are disadvantaged, know, defend and assert their rights

Our outcomes

  1. High quality, targeted services that meet our clients' needs
  2. Partnerships that deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients
  3. Our work improves the legal and justice systems
  4. A highly capable workforce that is flexible, developed and equipped
  5. Business processes that are responsive to our business needs

Our strategic initiatives

  • 1.1 Review our service models and develop flexible models which best meet the needs of our clients from start to finish
  • 1.2 Develop holistic service models to effectively address the needs of our most vulnerable and disadvantaged clients
  • 1.3 Review the location of our offices and outreach services to align our services to the areas of greatest and emerging need
  • 1.4 Deliver community legal education to enhance community understanding of the legal system
  • 1.5 Develop a clear and consistent approach to managing and supporting the quality of services provided by private legal practitioners
  • 2.1 Implement a comprehensive approach for ongoing collaborative service planning with the legal assistance sector
  • 2.2 Develop a consistent and coordinated approach to how we work with stakeholders across the legal and justice sector
  • 2.3 Develop links and working partnerships across the health, community and social services system which enhance our frontline service delivery
  • 3.1  Develop and progress a strategic law reform  agenda which draws on our expertise and knowledge
  • 3.2  Proactively work with government to influence policies and services that reduce systemic disadvantage
  • 3.3 Work with other agencies to improve the operation of the legal and justice systems
  • 3.4 Proactively communicate the value of the work we do
  • 4.1 Establish a strategic workforce plan for the development of our workforce, organisational capabilities, culture and values
  • 4.2 Establish the structures, reporting lines and resourcing that best support our service models
  • 4.3 Develop a recruitment and retention approach which attracts and retains a highly capable and diverse workforce
  • 4.4 Deliver professional development and career opportunities that equip our staff to succeed
  • 4.5 Deliver health and wellbeing programs and flexible work practices to support the diversity and wellbeing of our staff
  • 5.1 Improve our business processes in Grants, Human Resources, Finance and ICT to ensure that staff are well supported
  • 5.2 Invest in our ICT and digital infrastructure to ensure we work efficiently and effectively
  • 5.3 Develop and implement a new approach to information management to ensure we capture and share expertise and knowledge
  • 5.4 Build our data capability to inform our service delivery and identify opportunities for enhancing the work we do

For more information see our 2018 - 2023 detailed strategic plan.