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Legal Aid NSW Plan 2016-2017

Legal Aid NSW helps people to understand and protect their legal rights. We do this through advice, advocacy, representation and education, focussing on disadvantaged people and communities. We are committed to providing an expert service, being inclusive and respectful and making a difference.

Legal Aid NSW Plan 2016-2017 pdf pdf (59KB)


To promote access to justice through early intervention and prevention and better targeting of legal assistance to disadvantaged people

  • Implement the Reconciliation Action Plan 2015-2018 to enhance services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities across NSW
  • Develop a new model of legal service delivery aimed at assisting high conflict families in the family law system resolve their disputes
  • Expand delivery of legal assistance services in the Riverina and Murray regions of NSW
  • Expand and improve legal service delivery in remote NSW by implementing new service models
  • Implement the Legal Aid NSW Domestic and Family Violence Strategy 2016-2018 for the delivery of high quality, client-centred services to people affected by domestic and family violence
  • Roll out the Safer Pathway element of the Domestic and Family Violence Reforms to additional sites in NSW
  • Implement new representation services under the National Partnership Agreement including Early Resolution Assistance and Other Representation services and develop an evaluation framework


To pursue excellence, innovation and efficiency in legal service delivery

  • Implement the new Client Service Strategy 2016-2020 to improve the quality of service delivery, client engagement and access to services
  • Implement the Digital Engagement Plan 2016-2020 to improve client services and engagement through innovative use of technology
  • Identify the impact of the expanded inhouse committals practice
  • Implement a package of initiatives that demonstrates the value and quality of Legal Aid NSW
  • Implement the Diversity Action Plan 2016-2017 to promote diversity and inclusiveness and improve client service and support for staff
  • Implement the Community Legal Education Strategic Framework to assist people identify and address legal issues early, and to improve access to justice


To support and develop our people and improve our systems to meet organisational goals

  • Develop a Work Health and Safety Plan to improve staff safety and wellbeing
  • Develop and pilot the delivery of training and resources for staff providing services to people living with mental illness
  • Implement the Aboriginal Employment and Career Development Strategy 2015-2018 for 2016-17 to improve employment outcomes for Aboriginal people
  • Implement the Activity Based Costing Change Management Model to improve data quality and test costing capability
  • Develop a new Case Management System to support staff in meeting future business needs and deliver improved client services
  • Review the role and function of legal administrative staff to improve client service and support for lawyers


To build strong, effective service partnerships to respond to the legal and non-legal needs of our clients

  • Develop and implement a framework for Legal Aid NSW to engage in Health Justice Partnerships
  • Roll out the new framework for Regional Service Delivery Plans for Legal Aid NSW Offices
  • Collaborate with the justice cluster to improve the criminal justice system and develop and implement reforms and initiatives to reduce backlogs in the District Court
  • Review partnerships with university PLT and other intern programs to support the career pathways of law students in Legal Aid NSW
  • Implement the National Partnership Agreement on Legal Assistance Services 2015-2020
  • Develop and undertake a new form of client satisfaction survey, to meet the requirements of the National Partnership Agreement on Legal Assistance Services 2015-2020