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Our clients

Our client service charter

This charter sets out the service commitments that clients can expect from us.

Legal Aid NSW clients are from the most financially and economically disadvantaged parts of our community. Many of our clients experience disadvantage due to language or literacy barriers, illness, disability or geographic isolation. A high number are on Commonwealth benefits.

Our clients in 2018-19

Our clients Aboriginal Aboriginal -15.7%

Our clients non-English countries Born in non-English speaking countries - 12.1%

Our clients female Female - 28.5%

Our clients under 18Under 18 - 14.2%

Our clients aged 18-60Aged 18–60 - 83.3%

Our clients over 60Over 60 - 2.5%

Our clients benefitsOn Commonwealth benefits - 43.1%

Our clients with dependentsWith dependants -13.6%

Our clients ruralRural and regional * - 49.9%
* Includes Newcastle and Wollongong

Client profile data is based on total grants of legal aid, extended legal assistance services and in-house duty services.

Our client profile has remained relatively stable in the last five years

Almost all services delivered by Legal Aid NSW are provided to people from disadvantaged groups. This includes people on low incomes, people from rural and regional areas and people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Legal Aid NSW is strongly committed to providing services for Aboriginal people in NSW across a range of areas of law. The percentage of services provided to Aboriginal people has increased every year for the last five years.

In 2018–19, 15.7% of all case and in-house duty services were delivered to Aboriginal people, up from 14.2% the previous year. This year:

  • 16.2% of all case and in-house duty services in criminal law matters were delivered to Aboriginal people
  • 13.2% of all case and in-house duty services in family law matters were delivered to Aboriginal people, and
  • 15.0% of all case and in-house duty services in civil law matters were delivered to Aboriginal people.

Client surveys

We conduct regular independent surveys to measure client satisfaction with our services. The 2021 client satisfaction survey was recently completed in October 2021:

  • 76% of clients were satisfied with the overall service from Legal Aid NSW
  • 85% of grants clients were satisfied with their lawyer
  • 80% agreed they would recommend Legal Aid NSW to others

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