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Our clients

Our client service charter

This charter sets out the service commitments that clients can expect from us.

Legal Aid NSW clients are from the most financially and economically disadvantaged parts of our community. Many of our clients experience disadvantage due to language or literacy barriers, illness, disability or geographic isolation. A high number are on Commonwealth benefits.

Our clients in 2015-2016

Aboriginal flag

Aboriginal 11.5%

world map

Born in non-English speaking countries 12.5%

female icon

Female 26.0%

icon with silhouette of male & female bicycle riders

Under 18 13.7%

icon showing silhouettes of a group of people

Aged 18–60 84.1%

icon showing silhouette of an older couple

Over 60 2.2%

silhouette of Parliament House

On Commonwealth benefits 47.5%

silhouette of a family - mother, father and 2 children

With dependants 12.3%

silhouette of the state of NSW

Rural and regional 47%*

*Includes Newcastle and Wollongong

icon of finger pointing Note: Based on total case grants and inhouse duty services

Client surveys

We conduct regular independent surveys to measure client satisfaction with our services. We are conducting a survey in 2019. The 2017 client satisfaction survey was recently completed in October 2017.