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Client Satisfaction Survey 2019

Every few years we ask our clients to take part in a client satisfaction survey.

We use this information to plan and improve our services. It is also a requirement under our funding agreement with the Commonwealth that we conduct a client satisfaction survey every two years.

We are undertaking a client satisfaction survey this year.

Why is this important for clients to have a say?

It means we can get a clear picture of what our clients think of our service and how we can make it better. We are aiming to have responses from 1400 clients. A sample of this size means we can rely on the results of the survey to reflect our clients’ experiences and draw meaningful conclusions.

Who are we surveying?

We are looking to build on and consolidate our knowledge of client satisfaction with casework services.

We plan to survey all casework clients (including clients serviced under ELA) serviced by both in-house lawyers and panel lawyers.

However we will not be surveying clients who are:

  • under 16 years of age (this means the survey will not cover clients with ICL, children’s crime and some care and protection matters),
  • in custody,
  • in mental health facilities.
Who will do the survey?

A company called Lonergan Research is doing the survey for us. They are an independent market research agency. Lonergan Research is listed with the Australian Market and Social Research Society, you can call the Society’s Survey Line on 1300 36 4830 to verify.

Clients will be sent a letter advising them that they may be contacted by phone to take part in the survey.

The survey is completely confidential and anonymous. In no way will individual clients be identified, and will remain anonymous.

Find out more about the survey

See our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for more information about this year’s client satisfaction survey.

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