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Client Satisfaction Survey 2019

We have surveyed our clients to find out what they think and feel about the legal help we give them. This year we sought feedback from 1400 clients with grants of aid who were serviced by both in house and private lawyers.

The survey canvassed: client feedback about pathways to Legal Aid NSW; performance of lawyers, administration and reception staff; the process of applying for a grant of aid and the impact of legal help on clients' perceptions about their capacity to cope with their legal problems and their general wellbeing.

The results demonstrated a high level of client satisfaction with Legal Aid NSW services:

  • 84% of clients were satisfied with the overall service from Legal Aid NSW
  • 83% of clients were satisfied with their Legal Aid NSW lawyer
  • over 90% agreed they would recommend Legal Aid NSW to others

To find out more about what our clients think about our service, you can: