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Working at Legal Aid NSW

Legal Aid NSW believes that people are at the heart of all our services. Some of the many ways that we do this are to offer attractive employment conditions, flexible working arrangements, a range of family friendly policies and opportunities for professional development.

Legal Aid NSW is an equal opportunity employer. We value diversity in our workforce and in our workplace.

We have an ongoing professional development program for staff which is also available to our partners.

We promote the health and safety of our staff.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion

Legal Aid NSW is committed to building a workplace culture that values diversity and inclusion. Legal Aid NSW welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds, including people with disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, the LGBTI community, culturally diverse people and other diverse communities.

Legal Aid NSW encourages applications from people with disability and will provide reasonable adjustments in our recruitment processes and in the workplace.

Legal Aid NSW provides dignified access to accommodate the diverse needs of our community. We acknowledge and support the access needs of people with visible and invisible disabilities, as such all of our offices are accessible. If you require a reasonable adjustment in order to participate in the recruitment process, or seek alternative access to our offices, please contact our team via email, and advise your preferred method of communication: erecruitment@legalaid.nsw.gov.au.

The NSW Public Service Commission’s website also has information supporting employment for people with a disability in the NSW Public Sector.

Our staff are passionate and committed to serving clients

Tania, a city lawyer enjoys diversity "Working with Legal Aid is a continuing challenge. With each day comes a new client, a new matter, a change in legislation. It is this diversity that not only ensures our professional progression and inspires our devotion, but will also ensure Legal Aid – and those dedicated to represent it – will forever have a place in the criminal justice system."

It's about integrity, says Mark who works in a metropolitan office "I may not ‘win' every day, but it's not about ‘winning'. It's about my duty to my client, my duty to the court, being ethical and professional in my practice, and acting with integrity."

Kirsten started out as an Aboriginal cadet and now works as a family lawyer "I especially like being in an environment where a social conscience is part of the job for everyone."

A regional office is an exciting workplace, says Robert "Working in this profession and trying to make a difference makes me feel my job is worthwhile.  The very difficult cases are often shunned by the system and trying to deal appropriately with the most marginalised of persons is what creates the greatest challenge.

It is a really exciting workplace and I look forward to what has been so far and what no doubt will continue to be a remarkable and memorable experience."

Alex worked for Legal Aid NSW in an administrative role before becoming a lawyer "I've always loved the social justice aspect and client contact that has been part of my job with Legal Aid.  My position at Blacktown allows me to assist clients in a more comprehensive way and it is very gratifying to feel that your job might make even a small difference in a person's life."

Melissa enjoys the challenge "Exposure to the hardships of our clients provides us with a unique perspective into the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves. It is this perspective that fuels our passion and desire. It gives us the drive to continue to pursue such a challenging role."

Our senior managers share the passion of their staff "Legal Aid NSW has the people it serves at the heart of everything it does." Director

Administrative staff provide essential support and share the sense of purpose "We are so fortunate to work in a good team environment and to be dealing with helpful private sector staff and partner agencies.

I wanted to enjoy my work and feel like it's important and to make some sort of a difference to people's lives. I consider myself lucky because I found exactly what I was looking for at Legal Aid and with each passing year, that sense of purpose has just got stronger and stronger."  Susan