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Complex Criminal Law Barrister Panel - Counsel Fees 2021/22

Complex Criminal Law Barrister Panel Fee Scales (State) 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022

Junior Counsel

Note: For matters that come under the definition of a Complex Criminal Matter (see below).

Refer to 2. District Court – Counsel Fees for a) matters that do not come under this definition b) all Queens Counsel, Senior Counsel or c) Junior Counsel not appointed to the Specialist Barrister Panel.

Initial trial grant

Counsel brief fee
  • Reading the brief (based on 1 day) including conference with the client
Gaol visit $340

Complex Criminal Matter

A complex criminal matter includes:

  • All Supreme Court trials and pleas;
  • Matters where the maximum penalty is life imprisonment;
  • Manslaughter trials and pleas;
  • All terrorism matters;
  • Sexual Assault matters where there are multiple complainants and/or multiple defendants;
  • Matters where the trial is complex because of the nature of the charge or the defence or where significant case management is required (e.g.  sex slavery, fraud or money laundering charges where there are more than 30 counts and/or the total value is more than $500,000.00);
  • Those trials involving a number of expert witnesses and identified by the trial judge as requiring significant case management pursuant to s.141 Criminal Procedure Act 1986;
  • Where the trial length is estimated at 20 days or more; and
  • Where the brief of evidence is more than 5,000 pages.

Counsel may be briefed before arraignment.

The initial trial grant includes perusal of the brief, taking instructions and a conference with the client in a correctional centre, where applicable.

The brief fee is paid once only. Counsel engaged at committal, either to advise on the brief or on a direct access basis, or briefed for the committal, will not be eligible to claim the initial trial grant brief fee as this fee will already have been paid. Once briefed, counsel
should make all efforts to remain in the matter.

The same counsel should retain the brief for all stages of the proceedings, including retaining the matter for trial where briefed at committal or before arraignment.  

Preparation in addition to the initial trial grant will not be considered before arraignment unless there are exceptional circumstances.

  • 1 Hour
  • 2 Hours
  • 3 Hours
  • All day

Per accused/ witness

Gaol visit

per journey



ViewFee as for mention, plus necessary travel expenses if held in the country 
No Bill Application/Notice of Motion/other Interlocutory Applications    $260 per hour to a max. of 5 hours 
Appearance in CourtDaily Appearance fee$1,304
Each co-accused represented, per day of trial $250
Conference with accused, where trial exceeds one week {up to two (2) per week where held during the trial} $170
Appearance on plea of guilty or sentence following trial$939Up to 2 days fixed
Additional preparationBy negotiation See guidelines