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All matters - non expert witness expenses

Fees payable to Non-Expert Witnesses for Attendance and Travel - Civil, Criminal and Family matters - State and Commonwealth

Civil, Crime and Family
Witness Attendance (up to 4 hrs)$50.05
Witness Attendance (4 hrs - 1 day)$100.80
Meal Allowance $31.00 (max)


Public Transport

Private Car

At cost (receipts)



City (max.)

Country (max.)

$319.05 per day

$231.15 per day

Note: To claim witness attendance fees, the witness must produce a certificate of loss of income, salary or wages.

Note: for Civil Law matters use the above rates for Local, District or Supreme Courts and NCAT. For other jurisdictions refer to Rules of the Court or Tribunal.

Last updated: 14/12/2018