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Lawyer Education Series



Welcome to the Legal Aid NSW Lawyer Education Series. The Lawyer Education Series is a suite of CPD-accredited training modules that have been developed to assist you in your legal practice. These training modules have been created by Legal Aid NSW lawyers who are specialists in their area of practice. Each training module includes a video and supporting resources such as podcasts, research papers, templates and tip sheets.

The Lawyer Education Series aims to support our private and in-house lawyers to maintain high quality legal aid services, and is part of a larger piece of work aimed at improving our engagement with the private profession.

Available Training Modules

Grants Online, eligibility and library resources


The Lawyer Education Series has been developed for lawyers, not self-represented parties. The training modules assume a high level of foundational legal knowledge because they are made for lawyers. The modules are not a complete guide to the law and should not be relied upon for the preparation of your case. If you require legal help, you should call 1300 888 529.