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Care and Protection: Representing Children

Course Outline

Course Outline


Podcasts—coming soon

The following podcast episodes are coming soon.

Meeting with Children: The Practicalities
Working with DCJ
The Role of the Child Representative in Dispute Resolution Conferences
Evidence & Advocacy Basics
Leaving Care Plans
Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children and Families

Required reading

Representation Principles for Children’s Lawyers, Law Society of NSW PDF 514 KB
Proactive Representation of Children in Care Proceedings, Robert McLachlan PDF 486 KB
Communicating with children over 10: if wishes were horses, beggars would ride, Dr Chris Lennings PDF 377 KB
Unacceptable Risk: A comparison of the Family and Care Jurisdictions, Dr Richard Chisholm PDF 343 KB
Article 12 of UNCROC and the Participation of Children in Statutory Child Protection Decision-Making in Australia, Deborah De Fina PDF 316 KB
Understanding the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Placement Principles as a framework for best practice,
The Aboriginal Legal Service
PDF 288 KB       
Practice Note No.2 Initiating Documents for Care Proceedings PDF 180 KB
Practice Note No.3 Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedures in the Children’s Court PDF 157 KB
Practice Note No.5 Case Management in Care Proceedings PDF 239 KB
Practice Note No.10 Parent Capacity Orders PDF 15 KB
Practice Note No.13 Section 38 Care Plans PDF 29 KB
Working with Children: A Guide to Best Practice PDF 1.06 MB
The Secretary of the DCJ and Fiona Farmer [2019] NSWChC 5 PDF 275 KB
Hackett (a pseudonym) v Secretary, DCJ [2020] NSWCA 83 PDF 559 KB

Useful resources

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