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Domestic and Family Violence Essentials

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Domestic and Family Violence Essentials provides private lawyers with an overview of the issues facing clients in matters impacted by domestic and family violence. The training module provides a deeper understanding of what domestic and family violence is, how to work in a trauma-informed way and provides resources and tools to assist in representing clients in these matters.


To demonstrate participation in this training module, you are required to register and complete it through the Learning Management System (LMS).

Course Outline

Course Outline



AVOs and the intersection with family law
Clause 6 parenting agreements
Financial counsellor
Safety planning
Technology facilitated abuse
Trauma informed practice

Useful resources

Screening for Domestic Violence Tipsheet PDF 121 KB
Safety Planning Checklist Word 28 KB
Spyware Checklist PDF 808 KB
Password Checklist PDF 570 KB
Economic Abuse Tipsheet PDF 1.9 MB
Charmed and Dangerous Factsheets (x4) PDF 7.5 MB
Domestic Violence Safety and Assessment Tool (DVSAT) PDF 232 KB
Domestic Violence Safety and Assessment Tool Guide (DVSAT Guide) PDF 191 KB
Lenore Walker's Cycle of Abuse PDF 93 KB
The Duluth Wheel PNG 98 KB

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The Lawyer Education Series is has been developed for lawyers, not self-represented parties. The training modules assume a high level of foundational legal knowledge because they are made for lawyers. The modules are not a complete guide to the law and should not be relied upon for the preparation of your case. If you require legal help you should call 1300 888 529.