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Guardianship Toolkit

Course Outline

Course Outline



Guardianship—Busting the Myths
Presented by Jessica Butz and Andrew Marriott

Required reading

A Practitioner’s Guide to the Guardianship Division of NCAT, Linda Rogers  PDF 297 KB
Guardianship Division Guideline  PDF 79 KB
Restricted Practices and Guardianship Fact Sheet PDF 156 KB
The Guardianship Division of NCAT: Current Jurisdiction, Practice, Procedure and Proposals for Reform, Malcolm Schyvens PDF 969 KB

Useful resources

Capacity and the Law (2019 Edition), Nick O’Neill (online book)  
Maximising the Participation of the Person in Guardianship Proceedings – Guidelines for Australian Tribunals PDF 4.4 MB
Guidelines for Mental Health Panel LawyersPDF 516 KB
CZC [2020] NSWCATGD 7  PDF 288 KB
P v NSW Trustee and Guardian [2015] NSWSC 579 PDF 427 KB
CJ v AKJ [2015] NSWSC 498  PDF 172 KB
LGT [2019] NSWCATGD 9  PDF 140 KB
BQH [2018] NSWCATGD 16 PDF 142 KB
NGT [2019] NSWCATGD 2 PDF 107 KB
HZC [2019] NSWCATGD 8  PDF 195 KB
GMI [2020] NSWCATGD 6  PDF 95 KB
UZX [2020] NSWCATGD 3  PDF 192 KB
NZD [2017] NSWCATGD 21 PDF 174 KB
NCAT – Practice and Procedure (2020), Juliet Lucy and Mark Robinson, SC. Published by Thompson Reuters  

Useful links

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