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Indictable Crime Matters

Course Outline

Course Outline



Child Sexual Assault Pilot Matters

Early Appropriate Guilty Plea Processes

Required reading

The Sexual Assault Communications Privilege Scheme paper

PDF 436 KB

Alternative Verdicts

PDF 287 KB

Introduction to Indictable Appeals

PDF 379 KB

Tendency Evidence

PDF 384 KB


Exercising the right to silence

Sentencing in the District Court

Child Sexual Assault Pilot Matters: practice, protocols, procedures and points of difference to other trial matters

Useful resources

Commonwealth Parole Information Guide


Commonwealth Revocation of Parole Information Guide


Client Interviewing Skills and Taking Instructions

Word 20 KB

Taking Instructions Template

Word 30 KB

Criminal Law Update 2020

PDF 222 KB

Intensive Correction Orders: Revocation and State Parole Authority

PDF 138 KB

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