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Summary Crime Part 1

Summary Crime Part 1

This training module is the first part of a two-part series on Summary Crime. It provides participants with fundamental skills for practise in the summary jurisdiction of the Local Court. Participants will learn about Local Court bail matters, sentence matters, hearings and section 32 and 33 diversions. Participants will be equipped with knowledge on where to find and apply Legal Aid NSW eligibility policies and guidelines in Criminal Law matters.

Course Outline

Course Outline


Required reading

Legal Aid NSW Policies: Criminal Law Link
Legal Aid NSW Policies: Means Test Link
Preparing a Defended Hearing in the Local Court PDF 286 KB
The New Mental Health Legislation PDF 384 KB
Sentencing Reform FAQs PDF 857 KB


Presented by Rose Khalilizadeh, Forbes Chambers
Presented by Robyn Fraser, Legal Aid NSW and Anna Pankhurst, Legal Aid NSW
Podcast supporting materials


Bugmy Bar Book
Hosted by Emma Manea, Legal Aid NSW
Prosecutorial Disclosure
Presented by Madeleine Avenell, Public Defender; Felicity Graham, Black Chambers; and Tim McKenzie, Legal Aid NSW
Webinar supporting materials
The New Mental Health Legislation is coming
Presented by Thomas Spohr, Legal Aid NSW 

Useful resources

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions: Guidelines Link
Bail Flow Chart PDF 69 KB
Bail Application Instructions Sheet Template Word 20 KB
Bail Application in NSW Submissions Outline Template Word 30 KB
Analysing the Brief Template Word 22 KB
Table of Proposed Sentence Conditions Word 18 KB
Quick Reference Guide to Sentencing Reforms         PDF 31 KB
Sentencing Options PDF 31 KB

The Lawyer Education Series is has been developed for lawyers, not self-represented parties. The training modules assume a high level of foundational legal knowledge because they are made for lawyers. The modules are not a complete guide to the law and should not be relied upon for the preparation of your case. If you require legal help you should call 1300 888 529.