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Urgent Parenting Matters

Urgent Parenting matters provides family lawyers with a framework for dealing with emergency parenting issues, this practical skills-based
training module is presented by duty solicitors who regularly deal with emergency Recovery and Watchlist cases.

Course Outline

Course Outline


Useful resources

Best Practice Guidelines for Lawyers Doing Family Law Work (4th edition) PDF 913 KB
Separation and Stress PDF 507 KB

Legal Aid NSW resources

Legal Aid Application Form PDF 775 KB
A Resource Kit for Parents PDF 642 KB
Put Child on Family Law Watchlist (EIU Factsheet 1)PDF 382 KB
Remove Child from Family Law Watchlist (EIU Factsheet 2)PDF 317 KB
Travel Order (EIU Factsheet 3)PDF 343 KB
Recovery Orders (EIU Factsheet 4)PDF 181 KB
Forced Marriage (EIU Factsheet 11)PDF 261 KB
What Happens When Your Relationship EndsPDF
Additional Support Services for Clients or Lawyers Information SheetPDF 159 KB

Australian Federal Police resources

Recovery Order Information Sheet PDF 325 KB
Family Law Watchlist Request Form PDF 264 KB
Family Law Watchlist Enquiry FormPDF 281 KB

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The Lawyer Education Series is has been developed for lawyers, not self-represented parties. The training modules assume a high level of foundational legal knowledge because they are made for lawyers. The modules are not a complete guide to the law and should not be relied upon for the preparation of your case. If you require legal help you should call 1300 888 529.