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Issue 1 - November 2003

In 1997, the NSW Legal Aid Commission decided to expand its Penrith Children’s Legal Service to become a more comprehensive Children’s Legal Service (CLS). The new service employed specialist children’s solicitors to cover the Lidcombe and Bidura Children’s Courts, and eventually, Campbelltown Children’s Court.

The CLS now employs over 15 children’s solicitors to provide specialist legal representation to children appearing at Cobham, Campbelltown, Lidcombe and Bidura. The CLS also runs the Under 18s Hotline, the Youth Drug Court and the Juvenile Justice Centre Visiting Legal Service funded by the Department of Juvenile Justice.

The CLS works very closely with the private profession to ensure that the partnership provides the highest quality legal representation to all children appearing in Children’s Courts in New South Wales.  

The CLS continues to have a leading role in Juvenile Justice policy development, continuing legal education and provision of specialist advice and representation. This year, Specialist Accreditation in Children’s Law was offered for the first time Three CLS solicitors were successful in achieving Specialist Accreditation.  

The CLS Bulletin is intended to assist practitioners to provide a high standard of legal representation to children. The expansion of the CLS and the introduction of the Children’s Panel is recognition that we work in a specialist jurisdiction and we need to have specialist knowledge.

The CLS Bulletin will go some way to keeping practitioners informed about children’s law in the criminal jurisdiction.

We look forward to working together to provide the highest quality legal representation to those who need it most.

Teresa O’Sullivan
Senior Solicitor
Children’s Legal Service

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