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Issue 2 - May 2004

This is the second issue of the Children’s Legal Service Bulletin. There has been a lot of interest in the Bulletin and the mailing list is growing all the time. This issue features an article by Lester Fernandez on The Place of Rehabilitation in the Sentencing of Children For Serious Offences and an article on The Role of the Responsible Adult in Children’s Interviews with police.

Jane Sanders has written an article on the mysterious area of Fines and Young people and Mia Prodigalidad has written about the CLS Visiting Legal Service. In this issue, we are also able to provide an electronic copy of the Supreme Court decision of Dowd J. in R v Cortez. This is the decision that places an onus on police to use the Under 18’s Hotline.

Children’s Crime Conference 31 July 2004

The CLS will host a Children’s Crime Conference at the Parramatta Marriott on Saturday 31 July. This will be an opportunity to update your skills and knowledge and gain MCLE points. The speakers and topics covered at the Seminar will include:

  • Roger Dive, Senior Children's Court Magistrate and Warwick Hunt, Children's Court Magistrate - panel   discussion on appearing in the Children's Court.
  • Richard Button, Public Defender, Carl Shannon Chambers - paper on accessorial liability (common purpose/ joint criminal enterprise).
  • Jenny Bargen, Department of Juvenile Justice, Director of Youth Justice Conferencing - paper on the Young Offenders Act.
  • Harriet Grahame, Barrister, Frederick Jordan Chambers - practical paper on the doctrine of doli incapax and running doli in a hearing.
  • Mark Dennis, Barrister, Forbes Chambers - practical paper on children, police powers, particularly arrest.
  • Children’s Legal Service Solicitors - Paper on sentencing options in the Children’s Court.
  • Debra Maher, Children's Legal Service, LAC - practical paper on Apprehended Violence Orders in relation to children.
  • Tunc Ozen, Legal Aid Commission - practical paper on excluding the ERISP in children's matters.
  • Angela Cook, Children's Legal Service, LAC and Lester Fernandez, Legal Aid Commission - Children's Committals and S.31 Children (Criminal Proceedings) Act 1987.

Enquiries in relation to the Conference should be directed to Wendy Vivian at the Legal Aid Commission on 9219 5769 or wendy.vivian@legalaid.nsw.gov.au

We look forward to seeing you there.

Teresa O’Sullivan
Senior Solicitor
Children’s Legal Service

Articles for Issue 2All articles are in pdf format

R V Cortez
Place of rehabilitation in the sentencing of children for serious offences
Fines and young people
Visiting Legal Service