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Hear the voices of Legal Aid NSW as we celebrate 40 years

2 Oct 2019

We are celebrating the diversity and depth of talent within our organisation through a series of podcasts, video interviews and staff profiles.

The series, which also incorporates social media, was produced as we prepare to mark our 40th anniversary. It encourages our staff and partners to reflect on the values they stand for and how their work contributes to a fairer Australia. It also highlights the specific expertise of Legal Aid NSW staff and the varied work we do.
“Our work has become so diverse that many people are unaware of the full range of our services and the many different groups of people we serve,” CEO Brendan Thomas said.
Today’s Legal Aid NSW was founded in 1979 as the Legal Services Commission, which focused on providing criminal law advice and representation to disadvantaged people.
Since then, we have grown to an organisation with 24 offices across NSW and more than 1000 staff providing criminal, family and civil law assistance, as well as non-legal services, particularly in relation to domestic and family violence.
Mr Thomas said the size of Legal Aid NSW – the largest provider of legal aid services in Australia – allowed a considerable degree of specialisation.
“That means that we employ specialists with expertise in a wide range of areas – criminal law at all levels, yes, but also inquests, domestic violence, tenancy, fines, family law, veterans’ entitlements, social security, employment, adoptions and more,” Mr Thomas said.
“The work we do can be challenging, but we are united by a common vision and a common purpose.
“A justice system that is accessible for all of us, no matter who we are or where we come from. Helping lawmakers understand the perspectives of vulnerable people. Making sure that people across our community know and can defend their legal rights. That is what we stand for.”
Our new five-part podcast series – What we stand for – is available on all major podcast platforms. You can also listen to the podcast, view staff profiles and watch video interviews on our website.