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Policy Bulletin 2022 / 1 (Family Law – ERA for early intervention mediation)

10 Jan 2022

The Board has approved the use of the Early Resolution Assistance service type for early intervention mediation in family law matters.


Early Resolution Assistance (ERA) is a quick, low-cost service type that will be administered through a simplified application process compared to applications for a grant of legal aid.

From 10 January 2022 all early intervention mediations in Commonwealth family law matters will be administered as ERA, not a grant of legal aid, and a refusal cannot be appealed to the Legal Aid Review Committee.

What has changed?

ERA for early intervention mediation applies simplified ERA Means and Merit Tests and is available for:

  • Parenting matters,
  • Property matters,
  • Spousal and de facto maintenance, and
  • Adult child maintenance.

All applications for ERA for early intervention mediation must be submitted by lawyers on Grants Online using the ERA template.

Where are the changes?

For details of the policy see: ERA Family Law 1.1: Early intervention mediation

Training material and resources for panel practitioners is available at: Policy Online: Applying for ERA

Commencement date

The changes apply to applications submitted on or after 10 January 2022.

Contact for further information

Client Eligibility Unit at: T-CEU@legalaid.nsw.gov.au.