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Panels, audit and practice standards

Legal Aid NSW Panels are established under section 50(1) of the Legal Aid Commission Act 1979 (NSW).

Practitioners must be appointed to a Panel before undertaking legally aided work unless exceptional circumstances exist.

Panel members sign a service agreement agreeing to comply with practice standards and Legal Aid NSW’s policies and guidelines. Practitioners compliance with the service agreement is monitored through an audit process.

In this area you will find everything you need to know about  panels, audit and practice standards. For example how to apply for appointment to a Panel, copies of panel practice standards and information about the audit process.

Information and Latest News

Find out more about the Professional Practices Branch

This interactive online module explains the role of the Legal Aid NSW Professional Practices Branch.

Audit strategy for panel lawyers

The Audit strategy explains the areas that may be audited.

Good practice audit themes

We have identified five good practice themes (pdf 293KB) from our panel lawyer audits during 2018. Adopting these good practices will enable all panel lawyers to confidently meet Legal Aid NSW audit requirements. More information can be viewed on the Key issues for panel lawyers page.

Information on applying to a Panel

For lawyers interested in applying for appointment to a Legal Aid NSW Panel, go to:

Panel applications must be submitted through the Legal Aid NSW Panels Application website.

Before using the website, download and read the Quick Guide for Panels Application Website (pdf 620KB).

Summary Criminal Law and General Family Law Panels open for applications

The Summary Criminal Law and General Family Law Panels are currently open for applications. Applications must be submitted via the Panels Application website by 1 March 2019.

The Summary Criminal Law Panel is open to new applicants only. More information about this panel is available on the Summary Criminal Law Panel webpage.

The General Family Law Panel is open to new applicants and current panel members required to apply for reappointment. The panel information package is available on the Panel information packages webpage.

Practice Standards Updates

The following panel Practice Standards have been updated:

More information detailing the updates to each of these Practice Standards can be viewed on the Practice standards updates web page.