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Appellate criminal law barrister panel

This panel is currently under review. Applications for this panel are not currently being accepted during the review.

Information about when this panel will re-open for applications will be posted on this web page and in InBrief.

Information about briefing a panel barrister in criminal appellate matters

The panel applies to the following matters:

  • Provision of advices on the merit of appeals to the Supreme Court including the CCA and the High Court;
  • Preparation and conduct of appeals before the CCA and the High Court; 
  • Preparation and conduct of appeals to the Supreme Court;
  • Preparation of applications to review convictions and sentences pursuant to Part 7 and 8 of the Crimes (Appeal and Review) Act.

Panel barristers must be briefed in accordance with the Legal Aid NSW Grants Allocation Guidelines [as amended] unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Appointment to a panel does not confer an entitlement to work.

Panel barristers will be paid at the Criminal Appellate Matters rate as notified from time to time and in accordance with Legal Aid NSW policy.

If you have any enquiries about briefing a barrister in criminal appellate matters, please contact the Grants Crime Team on (02) 9219 5999 or by e-mail at grants.crime@legalaid.nsw.gov.au.