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Domestic violence panel

The panel is currently closed.

Role of the DVP

The role of the DVP is to provide a specialist panel of practitioners who undertake:

  1. assigned contested ADVO matters in Local Courts throughout NSW and
  2. duty work in a number of specified NSW Local Courts (the Domestic Violence Duty Scheme)

Our clients

Domestic and family violence can and does affect people of all cultural, social and economic backgrounds. Victims of domestic and family violence are predominantly women and children. They are priority clients of Legal Aid NSW.

Domestic and family violence affects some people in disproportionate and/or in more complex ways. Women, and in particular women who are pregnant, indigenous, from multicultural backgrounds, and who have a disability, have a heightened vulnerability to domestic and family violence. Children are similarly vulnerable.

It is important that lawyers representing such clients have a sophisticated understanding of the complexities facing children and women who are indigenous, from multicultural backgrounds and with disabilities who are experiencing domestic and family violence. Lawyers must have a capacity to communicate to and on behalf of vulnerable clients and to deliver services that are inclusive and accessible.

Specialist DVP practitioners

The DVP is a specialist panel. Lawyers appointed to the DVP are expected to have specialist knowledge and skills in providing legal assistance to victims of domestic and family violence. This specialisation includes:

  1. Specialist knowledge and skills in adopting a trauma-informed approach to providing services to clients subject to actual and/or threatened violence and with complex legal and/or social needs,
  2. Expertise in relation to the Crimes (Domestic and Personal Violence) Act 2007 (NSW) and in conducting ADVO proceedings, and
  3. Demonstrated capacity to provide legal assistance in relation to the broad range of legal problems precipitated by domestic and family violence.

Panel lawyers are expected to provide:

  1. Legal advice, assistance and referrals for individuals experiencing domestic and family violence (including protected persons in police-initiated Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders) in relation to the broad range of legal problems precipitated by domestic and family violence such as family law, care and protection, housing, social security, credit/debt, immigration, victim's support and criminal law,
  2. Legal advice and representation for adults and children and young people (over 16) who are seeking a private ADVO,
  3. Legal representation for defendants to applications for Apprehended Domestic Violence Orders where the client is also a protected person in an associated ADVO (cross application), or where it appears that the client is a victim of domestic or family violence.


If you have any enquiries about the panel, please contact the Professional Practices Branch by e-mail at panels@legalaid.nsw.gov.au or on 02 9219 5662.