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Independent children's lawyer (ICL) panel

This webpage provides information for:

  • Suitably qualified and experienced solicitors who wish to apply for appointment to the Independent Children’s Lawyer Panel (the panel) for the representation of children in family law matters throughout NSW, and
  • Solicitors currently appointed to the panel who are required to apply for reappointment.

The panel is open to solicitors only.

Term of appointment

Appointments to the panel will be for two years at the conclusion of the selection process. Legal Aid NSW is currently reviewing its panel arrangements and application processes following which the panel may be re-opened.

About the panel

In family law matters requiring the involvement of an Independent Children's Lawyer the Federal Circuit Court or Family Court will make orders requesting Legal Aid NSW to make arrangements for the representation of the children.  Solicitors who are appointed to this panel are eligible to receive grants of legal aid to provide this representation.

New applicants to the panel must have completed Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the national ICL Training Program developed by National Legal Aid (NLA). Information regarding national ICL training program can be found at the ICL training centre web page. This is a mandatory requirement for appointment to the panel.

A suitably experienced barrister may be briefed by a panel solicitor in appropriate matters subject to Legal Aid NSW policies and prior approval.

Information package

Applicants should carefully consider all documents contained in the information package before submitting an application.

Applications must address the selection criteria and demonstrate that all the criteria are met.

To view the documents in the information package, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader .

Current panel members applying for reappointment

Current panel members whose memberships are due to expire will need to apply for reappointment if they wish to continue to undertake children’s criminal law matters.

These panel lawyers will be contacted directly by email providing further information. They will be required to complete and submit the Reappointments online form.

For information about the application for reappointment, download the Information for Current Panel Members Applying for Reappointment (pdf 176KB).

New applicants applying for appointment

Lawyers who are not currently appointed to the panel must complete and submit the New Applicants online form.

For information about the application for new applicants, download the Information for New Applicants (pdf 190KB).

Applicants are also expected to have read the following before applying:

It would be advisable for applicants to draft their responses on a word processing program before starting the online application form. After completing the draft, applicants can copy and paste their responses into the online form.

Application form availability and due date

Applications must be lodged via the Panels Application Website by 2 December 2019.

Panel enquiries

If you have any enquiries about the panel, the application process, or about using the Application website, please contact the Professional Practices by e-mail at panels@legalaid.nsw.gov.au or on 9219 5662.

Other information

National ICL website