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Indictable criminal law barrister panel

The panel is currently closed.

About the panel

Legal Aid NSW has established this panel for barristers who represent defendants in non-complex indictable criminal matters pursuant to a grant of legal aid.

This panel will apply to the following jurisdictions:

  • Local Court Committals
  • District Court Sentences
  • District Court Trials

Following the implementation of the Early Appropriate Guilty Plea reform, there are significant changes to the nature and extent of the work done by defence lawyers in indictable criminal matters at the Local Court stage. Further, there will be significant consequences for a client who is not adequately advised and represented at this stage of proceedings.

A key feature of the new Indictable Criminal Law Barrister Panel is to promote continuity of representation by barristers briefed in in legally aided matters covered by the panel.

Briefing a panel barrister in a non-complex indictable matter

Appointment to the panel does not confer an entitlement to work.

Indictable Criminal Law Panel solicitors (along with in-house legal aid solicitors) assigned legal aid grants for non-complex indictable criminal law matters will be required to brief barristers appointed to the Indictable Criminal Law Panel if a Public Defender is not available. Panel barristers must be briefed in accordance with the Legal Aid NSW Grants Allocation Guidelines [as amended] unless there are exceptional circumstances.

The details of panel barristers will be included in the published list of barristers (Grants Online login required to access the list). Solicitors will select barristers from the published list for briefing in matters covered by the panel.

The Indictable Criminal Law Barrister panel does not apply to complex criminal law matters. The requirement to brief barristers appointed to the Complex Criminal Law Barrister Panel in complex criminal law matters, if a Public Defender is not available, will continue to apply.

Fee rates

Panel lawyers are paid at legal aid rates as notified from time to time and in accordance with Legal Aid NSW policy.


If you have any enquiries about the panel, please contact Professional Practices by e-mail at panels@legalaid.nsw.gov.au or on 02 9219 5662.

If you have any enquiries about briefing a barrister in indictable criminal law matters, please contact the Grants Crime Team on (02) 9219 5999 or by e-mail at grants.crime@legalaid.nsw.gov.au.