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Panel application form availability

All panels are currently closed for applications unless otherwise indicated  in the table below.

Panels open for applications will be advertised in Legal Aid News and/or the Law Society's Monday Briefs or the Bar Association's InBrief.

For panels that are open, there is a separate online application form for each panel, setting out the criteria that must be addressed. Panel applications must be submitted online through the Panels Application Website prior to the due date in order to be considered at the next scheduled Selection Committee meeting.

Panel Name Panel Applications
Summary Criminal Law (formerly General Criminal Law) Closed
General Family Law  Closed
General Civil LawClosed
Indictable Criminal Law SolicitorClosed
Complex Criminal Law Solicitor (formerly Serious Criminal Law) Closed
Mental Health Advocacy Closed
Care & Protection (Adults and Children)Closed
Children's Criminal Law Closed
Independent Children's LawyerClosed
Veterans' Law Closed
Indictable Criminal Law BarristerClosed
Complex Criminal Law BarristerClosed
Appellate Criminal Law Barrister Closed
Domestic ViolenceClosed

Request to expedite a panel application

Requests to submit expedited applications for appointment whilst panels are closed, may be approved only if the following criteria are met:

1. All Applicants

1.1 Where Legal Aid NSW considers that there is a legal aid service delivery need due to a lack of lawyers available to undertake legally aided work in a region or for an area of practice, and/or

1.2 The applicant is replacing a panel lawyer who has left the firm.

2. Legal Aid Staff seeking to apply for appointment to panels

2.1 Where the above requirements for all applicants are met; or

2.2 The Legal Aid NSW in-house lawyer was continuously employed on an ongoing basis by Legal Aid NSW for a minimum of 5 years as a legal officer in the particular area of law; and

2.3 A written request for expedition of a panel application is made by an in-house lawyer to the Director Grants and their Practice Director prior to their departure from Legal Aid NSW or within 30 days after their departure from Legal Aid NSW and the request is approved.

Requests for approval to expedite a panel application must be made by e-mail to panels@legalaid.nsw.gov.au with detailed submissions addressing the grounds on which the expedition is sought. Professional Practices staff will then advise whether or not the application will be expedited.

If expedition is approved the applicant must comply with all time frames and requests from Professional Practices for submitting their application for appointment to the panel. Failure to do so will mean the approval for expedition is withdrawn and the practitioner will need to apply for appointment to the panel in the usual manner.

Consideration of expedited panel applications is also subject to the availability of the Selection Committee.

Further information

All enquiries about panel applications should be directed to Professional Practices Branch on (02) 9219 5662 or by email at panels@legalaid.nsw.gov.au.