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Support and Resources

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This section contains a variety of information to assist you in your partnership with Legal Aid NSW. Some of the resources in this area include quality standards checklists, precedents and information about how to send requests to the Legal Aid library.

Quality Standards Checklists

Legal Aid NSW has provided these checklists to assist legal practitioners in criminal, family and civil law practice to undertake legal aid work in accordance with the Quality Standards. The checklists are intended to provide clarity on the quality of legal services that legal practitioners at a panel member law practice are expected to deliver when undertaking legal aid work.

Completing these checklists fully and accurately will help:

  • Demonstrate that the practitioner has met the duties of competence and standard of care expected of a solicitor undertaking legal aid work;
  • Demonstrate that the practitioner has met Legal Aid NSW’s expectations of practitioners undertaking legal aid work, articulated in the Quality Standards;
  • Another practitioner in the event they need to quickly identify the progress made in the matter; and
  • If a practitioner is audited by Legal Aid NSW.

Criminal law

Summary Criminal Law Checklist
Indictable Criminal Law Checklist 
Indictable Appeals Checklist
Children's Criminal Law Checklist

Family law

Family Law Party Checklist 
ICL Litigation Checklist  
Care & Protection Parent Checklist
Direct Legal Representation Litigation Checklist
Independent Legal Representative Litigation Checklist

Civil law

Mental Health Matters Checklist

Support  documents

Claims for Payment Support Document Guide

Library assistance

The Legal Aid NSW library is available to help you.

If you need assistance locating documents which you’re unable to source elsewhere, the Legal Aid NSW library can assist. You can request the documents you need to run your Legal Aid matters such as cases, legislation, second reading speeches and JIRS statistics.

Send your request to the library by emailing illuminlegalaid@softlinkillumin.net

Requests should contain the Legal Aid NSW grant number (in the subject line), the document(s) you need and the timeframe in which the document is required. The library will endeavour to meet your request within the required time subject to the availability of resources.


The in-house practice has produced a number of precedent documents for your use. Please feel free to use them.