FAP household scenario 6: single person

Darko is 34 years old and has applied for legal aid for a family law matter. He works full-time and earns $700 per week. He lives alone in a 4 bedroom beachside property costing $1400 per week that his father pays for. Darko states that his father has contributed $200,000 towards his legal fees. There are also regular deposits into Darko’s account from his father. The most recent deposit was $5000. Despite this, Darko submits his father is no longer able to financially assist him.

Darko = ‘single person’ household = รป No FAP

Darko is treated as a ‘single person’ household, and his father is not considered a FAP. However, Legal Aid NSW would need to determine whether Darko satisfies the 'Ability to Pay' Test.