Terminating aid scenario

Scenario – violent or threatening behaviour

Seth has a grant of aid for family law proceedings. He is seeking 'spend time with' orders so that he can see his three children more often.
Seth's lawyer has just called you. She said that after Seth attended her office for his first appointment yesterday he was verbally abusive towards her. He then waited outside of the building and followed her when she went to lunch. The lawyer told him that his actions were inappropriate and he started to be verbally abusive. He finally left when she called the police. The lawyer has requested that in the circumstances the matter be transferred to another lawyer.

Suggested action

Write to Seth to notify him that any violent or abusive behaviour towards his lawyer is likely to result in termination of aid, and give him an opportunity to make submissions as to why his matter should not be terminated and instead transferred to another lawyer.
If you are not satisfied that this behaviour is likely to stop upon the transfer to a new lawyer the grant of aid should be terminated.