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16. Respect at Work Legal Service

Extended Legal Assistance is available to people who have experienced sexual harassment or unlawful discrimination at work to make complaints to an employer, the Australian Human Rights Commission and Anti-Discrimination NSW, and to make applications to the Fair Work Commission.

Examples of Extended Legal Assistance available include:

  • Representing a worker in negotiations to resolve workplace sexual harassment and/or discrimination.
  • Making an application for stop sexual harassment orders at the Fair Work Commission.
  • Making Fair Work Commission claims about general protections and representation in disputes about flexible work and stand down involving unlawful discrimination.
  • Making a complaint and representing a worker in conciliation at the Australian Human Rights Commission and Anti-Discrimination NSW

To be eligible for Extended Legal Assistance a client must satisfy the following eligibility tests:

There will be no ELA Means Test applied to these matters.

Note: Extended Legal Assistance is an early intervention service only provided by the Respect at Work Legal Service and the in-house practice. The provision of this service is dependent on capacity.