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Civil - core areas of legal aid work

1. Disputes with Centrelink

Extended Legal Assistance is available to clients for disputes with Centrelink at the AAT (tier 1) relating to:

  • Disability Support Pension qualification
  • Member of a couple cases (where a client’s payment has been cancelled and a debt raised due to the client being considered a ‘member of a couple’)
  • Clients with non-payment periods (e.g. compensation preclusion periods, income maintenance periods, penalties, newly arrived residents' waiting periods)
  • Residence issues
  • Special Benefit payment issues (including eligibility and rate)
  • Debts greater than $5,000, or
  • Other issues where resolution of the dispute at this early stage will prevent further detriment being experienced by the client.

To be eligible for ELA a client must satisfy the following eligibility tests: