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12. Representation: Allocating Legal Work

12.5. Duty solicitor matters

Where Legal Aid NSW has a duty solicitor service at the:

  • the Local Court for criminal matters
  • the Children's Court for care and/or criminal matters, or
  • the Local Court for family law matters

The rostered duty solicitor will represent the legally assisted person unless there are exceptional circumstances.

If the duty matter concerns an apprehended domestic violence order refer to policy 12.3.1 (above).

No right of appeal

There is no right of appeal to a Legal Aid Review Committee (LARC) against a decision to provide aid on the condition that a matter will be conducted by an in-house legal practitioner or by a specified private legal practitioner nominated by Legal Aid NSW.

See ss.34(4A) and 56(1AA) of the Act

Date Last Published: 23/12/2016