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13. Legal Aid Review Committee Appeals

13.3. The types of decisions that can be appealed to a Legal Aid Review Committee

13.3.1 What types of decisions can an applicant for legal aid or a legally assisted person appeal?

Under s56 of the Act, a legal aid applicant or a legally assisted person can appeal the following decisions:

There are, however, a number of exceptions to these provisions. See 13.4 for a list of decisions that do not carry a right of appeal to a Legal Aid Review Committee.

13.3.2 What is a variation of a grant of legal aid?

A grant of legal aid may be varied by:

  • terminating a grant of legal aid, or
  • changing the nature and extent of the legal aid by
    • making the grant subject to certain conditions or an additional condition, including requiring a legally assisted person to pay a contribution, or
    • changing a condition of the grant of legal aid, including the amount of a contribution.

See Act Chapter on s38 for commentary on terminating legal aid.

Legal Aid NSW officers authorised under the Delegation Instrument can terminate a grant of legal aid.

Date Last Published: 22/12/2016