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3. Delegation Instrument

3.6. Exercising powers under section 33



Delegated Officer


Exercising powers under s 33 (including payment of solicitor costs, counsel fees and disbursements).

A s 33 authorisation can be made in a matter where an Officer is authorised to determine under s 34.

* Officers cannot exceed the monetary limits set out in the Attorney General’s delegation under Part 9 Division 9.2 of the Government Sector Finance Act 2018.

Up to $3000

Solicitor Grade I-III

Advocate Clerk Grade 6-7

Grants Officer Grade 3-4

Solicitor Grade I-III Grants


Solicitor Grade IV Civil Law

Grants Officer Grade 5-6

Solicitor Grade IV Grants


Solicitor Grade V Civil Law

Solicitor Grade V Grants


Deputy Director Criminal Law
Director Civil Law
Director Family Law

Director Grants