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3. Delegation Instrument

3.6. Exercising powers under section 33


Delegated Officer
Certification Determination


Exercising powers under s 33 (including payment of solicitor costs, counsel fees and disbursements).

A s 33 authorisation can be made in a matter where an Officer is authorised to determine under s 34.

* Officers cannot exceed the monetary limits set out in the Attorney General’s delegation under s12 of the Public Finance and Audit Act 1983 – see Instrument of Financial Delegation at Part 4.

Solicitor Grade I – III
Advocate Clerk Grade 6-7

Solicitor Grade I – III Grants
Grants Clerk Grade 5-6

Up to

Solicitor Grade IV
Advocate Clerk Grade 9-10

Grants Clerk Grade 5-6
Solicitor Grade IV Grants


Solicitor Grade V

Manager Operations Solicitor Grade V Grants


Deputy Director Criminal Law
Director Civil Law
Director Family Law

Director Grants

over 4,500

6A Legal Support Officers certifying limited disbursements under sections 33 and 34 on Grants Online


Certifying Officer

Maximum limit per disbursement (not including counsel’s fees)

Maximum limit per matter

Recommending to a determining officer that a disbursement (excluding counsel’s fees) be incurred.

Legal Support Officer