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3. Delegation Instrument

3.10. Approval of expenditure in relation to grants of legal aid



Certifying officer

Delegated officer

Commitment and payment of total accounts in excess of, or outside a standard combination of work items per grant of legal aid.

Officers cannot exceed the monetary limits set out in the Attorney General’s delegation to staff under the Government Sector Finance Act 2018.


Advocate Clerk Grade 6-7

Grants Officer Grade 3-4


Advocate Clerk Grade 9-10

Grants Officer Grade 5-6


Solicitor Grade I-III

Solicitor Grade I-III Grants


Solicitor Grade IV

Solicitor Grade IV Grants


Solicitor Grade V

Solicitor Grade V Grants


Solicitor Grade VI

Solicitor Grade VI Grants


Deputy Director Criminal Law
Director Family Law
Director Civil Law

Director Grants


Director Grants

Director Grants