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6. Civil law matters - when legal aid is available

6.23. Extradition proceedings

Legal aid is available for certain types of proceedings under the Extradition Act 1988 (Cth) (The Act) including:

  • extradition matters under s19 of the Act and
  • a review under s21 of the Act in relation to a s19 order.

To be eligible for legal aid the applicant must satisfy:

See Civil Law Guideline 3.2 on requirements to attend ADR.

See Civil Law Guideline 3.8 on grants of aid for test cases.

See Civil Law Guideline 3.11 on applying tests in Commonwealth matters.

The Chief Executive Officer has not delegated the authority to grant legal aid in Extradition proceedings. See Delegation Instrument.

Date last published: 05/12/2022