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Policy bulletins

  • Policy Bulletin 1 / 18 (Civil Law Policy – Coronial Inquest Matters)

    7 May 2018

    On 2 May 2018 the Legal Aid NSW Board approved an amendment to the Civil Law Policy relating to Coronial Inquests.

  • Media release: Seamless support for Central Coast victims of violence

    21 Feb 2018

    A new service will combine legal assistance and advocacy with social support to help Central Coast victims of domestic and family violence rebuild their lives. The Legal Aid NSW Central Coast Domestic Violence Unit, funded by the Commonwealth and launched by Attorney-General Christian Porter in Wyong on Wednesday, will offer seamless support to people affected by violence. Legal Aid NSW Family Law Director Kylie Beckhouse said: “This new Domestic Violence Unit will put committed professionals on the ground who specialise in supporting and advocating for victims of violence.” “Domestic violence does not discriminate and it can affect people from all walks of life and from all postcodes. We know however that the Central Coast is a region where there is significant need for legal and non-legal responses to this often hidden menace.” “The dedicated social worker and lawyers who make up the Central Coast Domestic Violence Unit will help give victims in this region a voice by offering a wrap-around service that takes all their needs into account.” “Our service will work closely with those local organisations that already do so much important work in tackling family violence in this community.” Based at Gosford, the service will deliver specialist support in other Central Coast locations of greatest need. Dedicated lawyers who understand the effects of trauma will attend apprehended domestic violence order list days at Wyong Local Court each week, identifying and offering immediate free help to victims of domestic violence. In addition to their work on the frontlines, lawyers will deliver intensive casework for clients facing legal issues including divorce, child abduction and financial abuse. Beyond the courtroom, a dedicated social worker will support vulnerable clients who have experienced domestic and family violence, whether by helping women and children keep a roof over their head, contacting Centrelink on their behalf or connecting them with counsellors. Legal Aid NSW Family Law Director Kylie Beckhouse and Central Coast Domestic Violence Unit Senior Solicitor Melanie Alexander are available for interview. Media Contact: Sophie Tarr (02) 9213 5208 or 0419 212 334

  • Policy Bulletin 6 / 17 Criminal Law Policy - applications to remove driver disqualifications

    25 Oct 2017

    The Legal Aid NSW Board has approved changes to the Criminal Law Policy to provide for grants of aid in applications to the Local Court to remove driver licence disqualifications under Division 3A of Part 7.4 of the Road Transport Act 2013 (NSW).

  • Policy Bulletin 5 / 17 (Criminal Law Guidelines - Criminal Appeals Review)

    19 Oct 2017

    ​The Legal Aid NSW Board has approved changes to the Criminal Law Guidelines relating to appeals to the Court of Criminal Appeal.

  • Policy Bulletin 4 / 17 (Means Test - verification of means)

    26 Jul 2017

    The Legal Aid NSW Board has approved changes to the Legal Aid NSW Means Test to expand the category of applicants who are exempt from having to verify their means.

  • Policy Bulletin 3 / 17 (Contributions Guideline – automatic waiver of the initial contribution in Local Court summary crime matters)

    17 May 2017

    The Legal Aid NSW Board has approved changes to the Contributions Guideline which means the initial contribution will be automatically waived in Local Court summary crime matters where the applicant for legal aid is in custody and has an assessed initial contribution of $75.

  • Policy Bulletin 2 / 17 (Criminal Law Policy – serious crime prevention orders)

    9 May 2017

    The Legal Aid NSW Board has approved changes to the Criminal Law Policy and Civil Law Policy to provide for grants of aid to applicants in proceedings under the Crimes (Serious Crime Prevention Order) Act 2016 (NSW) (the Act).

  • Policy Bulletin 1 / 17 (Eligibility Policy Review - Stage 1 changes)

    24 Jan 2017

    As part of the Strategic Planning and Policy Plan for 2016-2017, the Legal Policy Branch is undertaking a comprehensive 4-stage review of the Legal Aid NSW eligibility policies as published on Policy Online.